Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend thinkin'

I have had a lot of things on my mind lately, that are driving me crazy...Always thinking about them, and never figuring out what to do about em'.


We found the "perfect" house here in Baker. I want it, I think about it, I even dream about it. SERIOUSLY. It needs work, but it has the space we need, and I can see us living there for a long time. Whats the deal.....

Problem: Our debt to income is outrageous due to our debt=student loans coming due. We have refinanced Ben's and am now working on mine. It's not like we have gone out and charged up credit cards, and gotten bills that we can't afford, it's all student loans. I mean for the amount of loan that we want, we can afford it and pay it too with Ben's Income. Hopefully, now that I am working, our income with go up and we will be able to qualify for it... I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Lets just hope I hear some good news from the mortgage lady this week!


So, tomorrow ends my third week of eating and exercising the Weight watchers way.

Definitely a lot easier than I thought it was going to be....

but I have been being a little laxed about what I have been eating, not going over my points or anything, but feeling guilty about some of the things I ate.

We will see what tomorrow's weigh in brings, and then I can adjust accordingly.


You may be asking yourself what the heck that means: My happiness, being a mom. My kids happiness. I seem to be stressed lately, and tend to take it out more on my kids than I should. I feel bad about it, but I am also working at it...

Time will tell!

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