Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hayden's Birthday... Part1

Today is Hayden's 4th Birthday. I can hardly believe that he is four years old. It feels like yesterday, when I was holding my "chubby bubba" and couldn't get enough of him! I still love him so, and am amazed at the smart little boy he is growing into!

To start the morning off, Daddy brought Hayden a special donut... from the donut man! It said "Happy 4th Hayden" It was filled with cream, and had chocolate on top... Hayden's absolute favorite!

Enjoyin' the sugar!

I told Hayden that we would take him out to dinner, or make him dinner, whatever his choice would be... He couldn't choose between Paizanos Pizza, here in baker city, or McDonald's. So we splurged a little bit and took him to Paizanos for lunch. (and are going to take him to McDonald's for dinner) You can't beat the lunch special prices! He was so proud it was his birthday, that he told the waitress, when she delivered our yummy salads, that it was his birthday, and that he was 4 years old! Little did we know, they had a treat in store for him! They brought him out spumoni ice cream, once again, delish, and took his picture in the Packers Cheese Hat!
Look at the joy on his face! PURE JOY!

Birthday to be continued... there is a surprise party planned for him this Saturday!

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Christy said...

awww! Happy Birthday Hayden! Our little girl Madi's b-day is the 21st of this month, and we WERE going to have a birthday party for her...obviously with me in the hospital it will have to be post poned...have fun at the birthday party! I am sure he will love it!