Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Feedin' Duckies (Labor Day)

Little sister trying to take the Acorn's brother found

Hayden loves to climb

Wrong Way Addy!!

I promise she is NOT in timeout

Brother and Sister love

Feeding the Birds

More Bird feeding

Give them a wave

Wish it was the beach, but sadly is just the city park

Haydens Kite

So on Sunday of Labor Day weekend our family went down to Ann Morrison Park and fed the ducks and geese. I know you are all thinking that it's not right to feed them, because they need to know how to fend for themselves, but hey, every kids needs to do this every once in a while... Even though it was chilly and breezy we had a ton of fun watching the kids enjoy the birds. Hayden got a kick out of one geese actually taking his whole piece of bread away from him while he was trying to feed them. Ady just kept waving and saying "uck, uck, uck!" (tranlates into duck, duck, duck)

We then attempted to fly Hayden's kite. We didn't get it much off the ground and gave up... plus the kids could see the park from where we were standing. We decided to go and play.

Not so much happened this Labor Day weekend. We enjoyed the moments we had to spend together as a family, and hope many more are to come!


Polly said...
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Ploy said...

Ady looks so much like Hayden in one of the pictures!!

How are you? I miss you guys!