Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am IT, I guess

I am: IT
I have: to get my life under control
I had no idea: that making simple changes could impact my life so much
I Am: Proud to be a mother
I Think: about our financial situation way toooo much
I Know: that what every is supposed to happen, will happen, and I just have to deal with it
I Want: to go on vacation
I Have: to not be so anxious
I Dislike: others who take advantage of good people.
I Miss: the easy days
I Fear: death
I Feel: like buying a house... i hope it works out
I Smell: like victoria secret love potion lotion
I Crave: alone time
I Cry: when i am disconntent
I Usually: am a helper
I Search: for solutions, when they are right infront of me
I Wonder: what the next 5 years will bring
I Regret: buying the house on Chandler
I Love: Ben, Hayden And Ady
I Care: others... I always want to best for them
I Always: want to say something and usually don’t
I Worry: about the new loan we are getting to purchase a new home
I Am Not: able to make friends very easily, I hve come to realize... Why, I don't know?
I Remember: Numbers very well
I Believe: Life... I am still trying to decide what is right for me
I Dance: to make my kids laugh (I am not very good, but they enjoy it)
I Sing: out loud in the car
I Don't Always: Tell people enough how much they mean to me... keep in touch like I should
I Argue: when I am being defensive, even though I know I may be wrong
I Write: better than I speak
I Win: at making the most of my life
I Lose: not making good choices
I Wish: we would be done with this whole house buying thing
I Listen: to what you are saying... I am a very good listner
I Don't Understand: Choices other's make
I Can Usually Be Found: Playing with my kids, exercising, sewing, decorating or sleeping
I Am Scared: of the ones I love dying
I Need: start sewing more, So maybe I can sell some things at bazaars this year
I Forget: what life was like before kids... I don't miss it at all though
I Am: Loved
I tag: Everyone

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