Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So One of my passions is decorating for cheap. Recently I have started to decorate Ady and Hayden's rooms, buying things from 2nd hand store, craigslist or making them myself (don't worry, I clean and sanitize everything I buy... I am a freak that way). I am not finished with their rooms yet, but I have a good start.

In Ady's room, I think I have spent a total of $120 altogether for everything... Thanks to my sister for the free bed frame of which i painted it black. Also I found the dresser on craigslist for 20 bucks, cut out the top 4 drawers, and refinished it. My husband, and his dad, made the completion of that dresser a reality... without all of their handy work, it would have probably ended up in the garbage... thanks guys! I am still looking for baskets to fit in the areas... someday i will find the perfect ones. I found her bedding set at Ross for $12. It was a good find. For the paintings, I found canvas's at Goodwill for .99 cents a piece and just used the paint I already had to repaint them. Boy were they ugly before I started on them. I also made the picture hanger out of picture frames I bought at goodwill for .49 cents a piece. The curtain fabric I Found at Goodwill as well for 2.99. I am stoked about how much remaking her room actually cost me. I
would have painted but we are renting and I didn't want to make any extra work for myself, so I just put up ribbon using liquid corn starch. It can be easily removed with water, and when it's gone you will never know it was there. I also decoupaged her name and flower hooks, and painted the cork board myself.

Hayden's room is another story. He was into the whole cars and trucks thing, but now he is getting into spiderman big time, hence the combination of the two... If you don't know me, I am not a fan of anything characters... So him having spiderman in his room is a big deal for him. I made the comforter myself with fabric I found at walmart for 8 bucks. The bed frame I got off of craigslist for $10 and painted it red. I also found the dresser at a garage sale for $25. It was white then, I spent a lot of time sanding, and finally after about a month, I now have finished it in a satin black. I painted his cork board with a racing flag theme... You can tell by the pictures that he really loves hanging his stuff on it.


Erin Stones said...

So cute! My hubby is funny sometimes about buying things used! I should just go out and do it and just tell him its new! We would save a TON of money that way. NICE JOB!!!

Ben and Kristen Johnson said...

Wow you are amazing!!! You should start a business decorating! I wish I had that talent!

eli&joelynn said...

NICE WORK! A girl after my own! I am so impressed with you bargin hunting and handy skills! Ady's room is so darling! That trick with the ribbon and cornstarch is going in my back pocket too!!