Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I have 2 posts today! Ben has a new car!

I have 2 posts today, so after this one is over, please read the next one!!!

If you know us, then you know we are car people... Mainly Ben!!! We have had so many cars since we have been married, its ridiculous (focus, neon, xterra, gtp, focus, talon, towne and country, dodge truck, eclipse, geo, ranger, another gtp, eclipse, black honda, silver honda, white honda, mazda, envoy, and 300C) That's right... 19 cars in 5 years... plus, I could be missing some... Anyhow on the 14th of September, we found Ben and Affordale Dream car. It's a chrysler 300 C Hemi with all the options. We have been looking for one for so long, and when we came across it at Lithia Ford, we were stoked. I think Ben is in heaven with this car! I am glad that we found it for him... I hope this puts an end to our car obsession for the next few years!!!!
Ady eating bubbles from the car wash bucket!!! Total tomboy.
Hayden washing his car!
Ben giving his car it's "first wash"
She's a beauty!

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Mom said...

Cool Car, Cool picture as the sun is setting! Cute grandkids! Always! Bubbles or no bubbles! Glad Ben got the car he has always wanted! 19 cars ago??
Hugs, Mom