Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am losing weight!!!! YEAH

So our family has been trying to eat healthier and be more physically fit. We really have our up and our down days, but as a whole, I think we are doing dang good! It has been almost 3 weeks since we have "changed" and I can already feel a difference. I told myself that I would only weigh myself once a month, but gave in at the end of week two and found out that I have already lost 10 pounds. I am actually quite proud of myself for doing this because, if any of you know me, it is hard for me to commit myself to something so real. Also, I didn't want to go on a "diet" because I have heard the many stories of going Up and down in weight. I wanted to do something that would change me as a person, making me (and my family, of course) healthier. I have come to learn, if you don't change what's going on inside, then your aren't going to stick with whats going on outside. I think I put off "being healthy" for so long because it was so much easier to eat crap and not work out. But I have changed... And I am happier.

I think we started this because we (Ben and I) came to the realization how unhealthy we felt. We were always getting sick, having stomach aches, and always eating crap, never sleeping well.... the list could go on and on.

The kids seem to be reacting to this quite well. Ady loves her veggies and her fruits quite well. Hayden will eat the "good stuff" here and there but enjoys sugar a little too much.

We will keep you all updated on our progress and hopefully shed the weight within a year, and be back to our "premarried" weights before to long!


Chris and Ashlie said...

Yay for you Terah! Good job! The weight gain of being a woman totally sucks. So, I have a blog as well. You can visit it here: www.chrisandashliereuscher.blogspot.com

I'm adding your blog to my list! :)

Courtney said...

Terah-- good to hear from you! Welcome to the blogging world! Seems like you are passing all the weight you lose over to me! Haha-- stop it! But props on moving towards a healthier eating style-- I'm sure you will notice a difference in how you feel. Sometime among all our crazy schedules we should really get together-- your kiddos are looking so grown up! Hope everything else is well!

Nick and Stephanie said...

Terah-I am so glad you found my blog! I haven't seen you in forever. The blog looks great and your kids are so cute!