Friday, September 12, 2008

I have a new hobby!

Sewing... Yes it is my new hobby. I am not a quilter, nore a perfectionist, but I am trying. I enjoy making things with the sewing machine my mother bought me for Christmas a few years ago. I have been making baby blankets... (sorry no pictures, I gave them all away) Outfits, Halloween costumes, crayon caddies... and more! This is the first hobby I have found that really keeps me going. I have tried scrapbooking (not dissing on it or anything) but It never kept me interested. I would do a page and then give up. With sewing, it is completely different, just ask Ben. I start something, and just keep going. I love seeing the outcome and seeing that what I have made is being used.

I actually made two of these outfits... One for Ady, and one for Paisley (my neice) They looked so adorable in them, and they are so easy to sew! I get such gratification out of seeing my work look so cute on them!

P.S. I also made the shoes she is wearing!

First of All, I didn't make the spiderman costume. Hayden insisted on buying it for Halloween and not letting me make him one. I made Ady's costume. She is giong to be a chef for Halloween. I saw the pattern at WalMart of all places, and decided that that would be her best option. I love how it turned out.
... And the chef hat is the first hat she will actually keep on!

This outfit is a Christmas present I made for my new neice Paisley. Dana and Bill are into the western type stuff, So i thought they would really get a kick out of this.

This was the first outfit I made for Ady... She really didn't want her picture taken.

I made these matching outfits for my kids to wear to my Mother In Laws Red White and Blue Casual Wedding. Simple and Cute!

I have often thought about making sewing a business, but I do need more experience. I actually have considered hosting a booth at next years farmers market to see if my things would be bought... That is what I am working towards. Wish me luck!


Nick and Stephanie said...

Terah-It looks like you are quite talented! I'm jealous! Keep up the good work. It's fun to catch up on your family!

eli&joelynn said...

I am SO impressed! Love the little get ups!